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A Word or Two About SAZES From Those We've Helped...

In an online meeting with her first tutor, Stephanie, and family, a meeting was held to celebrate this outstanding passage of completion of all 10 levels! Olivia, now in the 9th grade, is doing so well in school. She enjoys volleyball and basketball. She sings in the school choir. Olivia has also been training service dogs. She has even started her own business to help families who need dog training. Yes, all of this, and most of the past several years has attended tutoring two times per week! Olivia is one amazing girl! She and her family are grateful for the support of her tutors, Stephanie Thornton, Successful Learning Educational Services and Cheryl Anthony, former owner at SLES, and now owner of Southern Arizona Educational Services.


Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation we feel for you Cheryl. You have been such a blessing to Olivia and our family! I’m so grateful that Olivia has you as a mentor and the bond you share. She’s lucky to have an amazing woman like you to guide her through life.

I think back to the despair we felt 5 years ago at the beginning of our journey. We have come so far! Olivia has come so far! She can go through her high school years and beyond with confidence!

I am a grateful Momma with a full heart! Thank you!

— Amy A.

Olivia came to visit her tutor, Cheryl, in Arizona, recently as part of her graduation celebration for completing the Barton Reading & Spelling System. They had a fun time!